Line printing
Line printing

Line printing

Microlys can boast a proven successful track record in producing print heads for line and impact printers.

We have developed over the years a complete range of solutions from 9 to 28 pins complying with the highest quality standards and in strict accordance with the client’s most stringent technical requirements.
Our list of compatible printheads includes most of the dot matrix printers by the major printer manufacturers worldwide.

Microlys can develop new printhead solutions to suit any specific technical specs by leveraging on its strong R&D capability and on the existing range of products already available. Production capacity can be easily organized to efficiently respond to either high volume demand or small series production.

Dot matrix
Time Clock Mechanism solutions

Dot matrix

Microlys dot matrix print heads are used for many different applications all across the printing industry.

The outstanding quality of our printheads greatly enhances the performance of the dot matrix printing devices they are installed in by highlighting their specific competitive advantage against the other printing technologies available, namely: lowest printing costs per page, capability to print multi-part stationery, simplicity and durability.

Microlys further adds up to all the advantages dot matrix printing can offer by producing high quality printheads designed for working even in difficult conditions and rugged environments while always providing the highest level of printing quality.

ATM banking
ATM / banking solutions

ATM / Banking solutions

Microlys dot matrix print heads provide banking printers with the high quality printing resolution on single or multiple copies required by the industry.

Dot matrix printing technology by Microlys is simple; installed at the bank’s teller or back office it allows users who are not "computer literate" to easily perform routine tasks such as changing ribbons and correcting paper jams.

Printing mechanism in ATMs powered by Microlys Printheads are good, reliable workhorses.
Strong and designed for continuous printing, Microlys dot matrix Printheads provide long lasting unattended operation efficiency.

Time Clock
Time Clock Mechanism solutions

Time Clock
Mechanism solutions

High efficiency, significant production capacity and lowest unit price make a Microlys Printhead the best option for your Time Clock Mechanism.

We have deployed large quantities of Printheads to several Time Clock devices manufacturers worldwide as we know that a consistent product quality over large volumes and a continuous operation requirement are the actual keys to the success of your device.

Banknotes handlings solutions

Banknotes handlings

Precision and continuous operations are what it takes to implement printing solutions for banknotes handling.

When installed into reader sorters or other banknotes handling mechanisms a Printhead must guarantee total uncompromising reliability.

Microlys Printheads have achieved over the years the highest quality standards and provide to this quality concerned industry products which can be trusted will not compromise the delicate bank notes handling operations.

Banknotes handlings solutions

Ticketing solutions

Dot Matrix printers are quite reliable and effective when printing single or multiple tickets.

Due the long lasting clear text printed even in rugged and difficult environment they fit the stringent requirements of the ticketing industry.

Microlys provides specific dot matrix Printheads for ticketing solutions. They are characterized by a very high printing quality and great effectiveness when printing on a variety of different types of paper used for tickets of all sorts.

Check printing
Check Printing

Check printing

Thanks to its experience and high quality, Microlys is a leader manufacturer of print heads used in the check printing field.

The encoding and endorsing of checks are highly sensible operations for their special money and legal implications.

CMC7 and E13B as well as amount digits printing need to be extremely clear in order to be read and recognized by OCR engines and MICR readers.

Microlys boasts a great experience for this kind of sophisticated printing by supplying its specific check printing heads to leading international manufacturers of checks processing machines and encoding products.

Medical equipment
Banknotes handlings solutions

Medical equipment

Microlys is the dot matrix print heads specialist.

Our R&D maintains the highest expertise on print heads development which is nowadays difficult to be found by most of the Printheads suppliers worldwide.

We retain a strong product development capability to design highly complex Printheads for specific vertical applications such as Medical Equipment machinery where the highest reliability standards are expected by each one of their components.

Our Printheads are designed to print on different materials, plastic, paper, metal. We can design the right Printhead to insert in your equipment to help you solve any printing requirement.