Microlys' Investors

Microlys S.p.A. is 100% owned by New Venture Development S.p.A.

New Venture Development (NVD) is a Venture Capital and Consulting Firm, operating in Information and Communication Technology Sector (ICT).
NVD is specialized in seeding and early stage financing and in medium-term industrial investment; for many of our investments we cooperate to conceive and define the goals of portfolio companies.

Together with the entrepreneur-manager we create new value in business.
Common features of all NVD holdings are, on the one hand, the commitment to creating competitive quality products and services based on technological innovations perceivable by the market, and on the other hand, the prevalence of R&D and production activities in Italy.

This latter aspect, besides being very important for its associated social and industrial impact, has permitted NVD to register the "innovation made in Italy" trade mark.