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  • 18e wire print heads series
  • 18e print heads seriesThe demand of dot matrix printing is rapidly changing as the challenge for ever more price competitive solutions and higher quality performances become more and more difficult to balance for printer manufacturers.

    A 24 pin dot matrix printhead can address the high-end performance requirements but its relatively high cost may prevent printer manufacturers to sell large volumes. A 9 pin dot matrix printhead, though less expensive, cannot print as fast nor can deliver highly defined characters / barcodes.
    To address these challenging issues, Microlys, leveraging on its long time and deep expertise in the dot matrix technology, is proud to announce the new 18 pin printhead - Smart Impact.

    Smart Impact delivers the high definition printing at a really competitive price.
    Smart Impact is the new and innovative printhead capable to successfully address all printing applications requiring high performance and an aggressive cost reduction.

  • A short list of Smart Impacts salient features:
    Operating Frequency: 1800 Hz
    Multiple copies: 1+3
    Printing capability: QR code
    Letter-Quality printing
    Chinese characters

    Ask Microlys for more information on Smart Impact!
    Try Smart Impact superior performance and enhance your printers speed and printing quality!

    Smart Impact the smart choice to impact your printing ideas

Technical information
18e print heads technical schemes
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