Our Print Heads

Microlys covers a range of products that include “7, 8, 9, 18, 18w smart impact, 24 and 28-pin” wire print heads and printer modules.

Microlys main target clients are mainly manufacturing corporation developing technical devices and mechanisms.

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Applications solutions

Microlys dot matrix print heads are in use in many different applications all across the printing industry.
The outstanding quality of our products enhance the performance of dot matrix printing devices by highlighting their specific competitive advantage against the other printing technologies available namely:

  • lowest printing costs per page
  • capability to print multi-part stationery
  • simplicity and durability

Microlys further adds up to all the advantages dot matrix printing can offer by producing high quality print heads designed for working in difficult conditions while providing the highest level of printing quality all the time.

Some of the many application Microlys’ print heads are used by our clients are: