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Printwires for Impact Printheads

Microlys supplies the printer and printhead manufactures with high quality printwires.
Although Tungsten is the most common material, several others are also available such as Tungsten Carbide, Tool Steel, Piano wire, etc.

All materials are carefully selected to insure a maximum durability.

Printwires are sold bare (single or double diameter), with a plastic (Polyamid type Grilon 8G-30S, formerly called PVN-3H or TV-35H).
The plastic material used for the cap, unlike some cheaper wires available on the market, is made with 100% new granulates.

Microlys is using a most sophisticated ball welding technology to hold the plastic cap, guaranteeing a maximum resistance to high impact forces.

Over the years, Microlys has developed a wide range of standard printwires for OEM's and for the printhead repair market, thus offering probably the largest variety of wires available on the market.

Standard Models
Special Overmoulded Models
Other Models